Part A: CIO Speech Session (Duration: 25 minutes)

Topic: New technologies in the era of digital economy reshape industry architecture and value

Speaker: Sun Huimin Assistant to the President and General Manager of the Consulting Department,PCITC

Part B: CIO Forum (Time: 60 minutes)

Background:The foundation of the digital economy era is data. Data is indispensable information for almost all business activities such as production, management, and strategy. Data is like the eyes of business operators. Data can reflect business conditions, data is continuously accumulated, and big data is gradually formed. Big data has changed every aspect of people's lives. By applying big data, by providing intelligent data analysis, companies can learn more about customer information and real needs, provide targeted solutions and more thoughtful services, predict and prevent risks, improve internal control capabilities, and further enhance The core competitiveness of the company. The evolution from data to big data has promoted the advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain to gradually enter all industries, improving the life and comprehensive management of the entire city and society.

Topic: What risks should be avoided in CIO application data

How does CIO apply data and discover the value of data? What are the risks encountered in the application of data, how do they respond? And listen to the speeches and wonderful dialogues of CIOs in domestic leading enterprises.

Invited guests: