Topic Adviser:Peter Ye

9Stor (blockchain storage) co-founder / CTO, "Software-Defined Storage" author , "VMware software definition storage" translator.

Ye Yurui, co-founder of 9Stor, has worked as a storage architect for EMC, DELL, VMware, and other top global enterprise storage companies, and has an in-depth understanding of storage trends. He is the author of "Software-Defined Storage: Principles, Practice, and Ecology" and the translator of "VMware Software-Definition Storage: A Principle Analysis and Design Guide", and the author of the WeChat public account "Joyful Life & Love IT."

Topic: The Technology and Applications of Blockchain

The blockchain is known as the fourth industrial revolution, and the value of the Internet will rapidly advance the large-scale division of labor among humans. The new era is coming, how can the blockchain help realize the Chinese dream? What is the current status of blockchain development in China? What is the ecological layout? How should the blockchain develop? What kind of spark will the blockchain and storage meet? Why is blockchain storage the next hot spot? Why is blockchain storage greener and more environmentally friendly? What blockchain storage projects are there in the world? Why is IPFS known as the infrastructure of the next generation Internet, and what is the characteristic of its incentive layer Filecoin?

Speaker:Cai Weide

Specialist of the People's Venture Capital Blockchain Research Institute

Expert of the Central Organization Department Director, Digital Society and Blockchain Laboratory, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Founder of Tiande Chain

National Specialist, PhD Tutor of Beihang University, MIT bachelor, Ph.D. in in Computer Science of UC Berkeley, education study in University of Minnesota and Arizona State University for 30 years. Scientific Consultant of Blockchain Research Center in University College London, Chief Scientist of Tiande Technology, Chief Scientist of 9Stor Block Storage, Director of Blockchain Internet Lab of National Big Data (Guizhou) Comprehensive Experimental Zone, CCID (Qingdao) Block Honorary Dean of the Chain Institute, serving as a consultant to various governments and companies, he has 585+ papers and 6 books, and the papers have been quoted over 10,000 times and h-index>54.

Speaker:Yu Jianing

Chairman of Huobi School

Deputy Director of the Blockchain Committee of the China Communications Industry Association

Chairman of Huobi School

Yu Jianing, Ph.D. in Economics, Chairman of Huobi School, Deputy Director of the China National Association of Communications Industry Blockchain Special Committee, Deputy Secretary General of the China International Economic and Technical Cooperation Promotion Association Blockchain Technology and Application Working Committee, China Computer Society District Member of the Blockchain Professional Committee, Director of the Industrial Economics Research Institute of the Information Center of the former Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Director of the Editorial Board of the White Paper on "China's Blockchain Industry in 2018".

Speaker:Di Qianfang

Economic Analyst, Institute of Industrial Economics, Information Center, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

He has long been engaged in the research work of “manufacturing a strong country” and “network power” policy, and has in-depth research in the fields of “Internet +”, blockchain, new retail, and new manufacturing. Member of the Editorial Board of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, "White Paper on China's Blockchain Industry in 2018", editorial board of the Information Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, "White Paper on China's Pan-Entertainment Industry in 2018", and the principal of the top 100 Chinese Internet companies.

Speaker:Yang dong

professor and vice-president of School of Law, Renmin University of China, Ph.D. supervisor, director of Fintech and Internet Security Research Center(vice-director of Fintech Committee, Payment and Clearing Association, the People's Bank of China), director of Big Data, Blockchain and Regtech Laboratory. First batch of Youth Changjiang Scholars Programme of China of the Ministry of Education, Nomination Award of Ten Outstanding Young Jurists in China, Deputy president of China Securities Law Society. Expert from the State Council’s Internet Finance Special Rehabilitation Office, Experts in Electronic Commerce Law, Securities Law and Futures Law of the NPC, Commended by the Financial and Economic Commission of the NPC. Expert member of National Engineering Laboratory for Big Data Circulation, the National Development and Reform Commission, Expert member of SFC and Securities Investor Protection Fund Company, Member of expert group on Digital Economy in China and Europe, Office of the Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs, Member of the research group of the SAIC's Anti-Unfair Competition Law, Member of the National Internet Finance Safety Technology Committee, Member of the Network loan special committee, Internet Finance Association of China, Deputy director of the Blockchain special committee, China Electronics Society, Executive member of Blockchain special committee, China Computer Society.

One of the earliest scholars studying block chains in China, the first scholar to give a lecture about the blockchain in Zhongnanhai State Office. He published the first monograph on blockchain application scenarios research, opened an undergraduate course about blockchain firstly in China, helped students to set up Jingulian, the first blockchain program in China, and introduced blockchain to local governments in Guiyang, Qingdao, Chongqing and Loudi, helped to land the first blockchain government project, making great contributions to the development of blockchain. In 2015, he proposed the application of blockchain in the financial field in the book Internet + Finance = Crowd Financing. In 2017, he analyzed the blockchain practice innovatively from the legal perspective in the book Blockchain & Law: A Guide to Business Practice and Law of Blockchain, providing strategic guidance for enterprises to layout Block Chain. In 2018, he proposed the theory of Gongpiao Economy in the book Blockchain + Regulation = Regchain, filling the theoretical gap of China's blockchain application, he was called “Crowd-funding Yang” and “Gongpiao Yang” by the society.

In the past 3 years, he published Legal Regulations of Internet Finance, From the Perspective of Information Tools, and Regtech: Challenges and Dimensions of Financial Science and Technology on the Chinese Social Sciences, and he won the first prize of the 14th Beijing Philosophy and Social Sciences Excellent Achievements Award, bringing great influence to the society.

Speaker:Hong Shuning

Senior Vice President and Dean of the Research Institute of Gingkoo, former head of Suning Financial Blockchain. He graduated from the Department of Computer Science of Tsinghua University and has worked in the People's Bank of China for a long time. He has extensive research and practical experience in financial technology. In 2011, Hong Shuning published the first domestic research paper on Bitcoin, “Bitcoin: A New Type of Currency Challenge for the Financial System”, which played an important role in promoting the popularization and development of Bitcoin in China. Blockchain researchers are currently focusing on the theoretical, technical, and applied aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Speaker:Wang Liren

Secretary General of China Blockchain Research Alliance

Initiator of Source Blockchain Community

In the past six years, the evangelists and mentors who have been recognized as promoting the blockchain technology system in China have first proposed that the blockchain is a tool for data and information validation in the Internet space, and the theory of localization of the Internet economy; in the past two years, there are a number of blockchain products and successful applications in financial technology field.

He has worked in FinTech, information and communication industry for 20 years, provides software and hardware solutions and services for banking, energy, e-government, education and medical fields. Dedicated to the transformation of a new generation of distributed computing represented by blockchain, together with partners to create people Beijing Nasoft, Earthledge, Source Blockchain, Beta Information, etc., using blockchain, artificial intelligence technology to create each private data rights, realizes network security, and protects individual privacy and trade secrets. He was the vice president of Factom, a famous blockchain company in the United States.

Speaker:Yi Huanhuan

Listed company Hanwei Group, director of Jiuqi Software, vice president of Peking University Financial Alumni Association. Has worked for Oracle, Google, Intel. China's capital market Internet finance, big data, industrial Internet, cloud computing four tides of the leader. The only one in the industry: for the first time in a row, he has won the highest honor in the securities industry, the newest wealth, and the best analyst of the crystal ball, and has been rated by Tencent and Sina many times as a financial technology person of the year.

Speaker:Liu Yong

founder of BiUP

Liu Yong, graduated from Peking University, received a master's degree from UIUC-Illinois University of Chicago, and an MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Business. He also specializes in computer network and cryptography during the UIUC master's degree.

In 2001, he worked in the future laboratory of Motorola headquarters, engaged in artificial intelligence and password engineering research. In November 2003, he founded eFriendsNet Entertainment and became the largest social network in China in 2004-2005. In January 2006, he was acquired by European listed companies.

In 2008, he founded Hot Cool(ol(, t), the largest social gaming company in Asia in 2009-2012, with DAU (daily active users) reaching 55 million; 2013-2015 is China Top 3 mobile game company, and issued a variety of phenomena-level mobile games. Among them, the number of your sisters has exceeded 300 million; Hot Cool is also the earliest Internet company in China, and has focused on markets such as Japan and South Korea for the past 10 years.

In 2017, JoyCoin was founded, a virtual currency exchange, headquartered in Silicon Valley, focusing on the Japanese and Korean markets; subsequently, he was invited to be the president of the Tokyo Blockchain Association in Japan and the chairman of the blockchain club of the Peking University.

At the end of 2017, BiUP was founded, the world's first large-scale aggregated intelligent exchange. Venture capital invested by venture capital such as Node Capital, Creation Capital, Barbarian Fund, Mars Finance, and Capital has invested 10 million US dollars. BiUP subverts the traditional exchange model, a platform that aggregates the world's major exchanges, and helps users realize the global price comparison and trading through intelligent systems.

Speaker:Zhang Chongke

Sales Director of ZCBTRI

Zhang Chongke attended the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Tsinghua University and the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University, and obtained double bachelor's and master's degrees. He has held management positions in software departments in well-known foreign companies such as HP, Adobe, and Zynga, and began researching blockchain technology in 2014. He uses his deep understanding of the financial, manufacturing and other industries to explore blockchain application scenarios. He is a senior expert in blockchain technology and industry solutions, and has served as the chief blockchain consultant for HP Enterprise Group (HPE) in China. He joined the Zhongchao CreditCard Industry Development Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Blockchain Technology Research Institute (ZCBTRI) , which is under the People's Bank of China in 2016, and served as the project director of the “People's Bank Digital Block Trading Platform Based on Blockchain and Digital Currency” and the “Zhongchao Blockchain Open Registration Platform”. Responsible for R&D, etc. Currently, he is responsible for the business cooperation between the relevant companies, blockchain technology providers, software development integrators, and research institutions in the areas of finance, anti-counterfeiting, and deposits. In addition, he also has his own insights into the technical development route of the common blockchain represented by Bitcoin, and is the evangelist of blockchain technology.

Speaker:Chen Chang

Chen Chang is an early researcher and promoter of blockchain technology, an open source contributor, and a hyperledger developer. He is currently the CTO of Ziggurat, and led the team to develop the Zig-Ledger blockchain underlying product and Zig-BaaS cloud service platform, and to design blockchain system solutions for customers in the field of Internet and government,etc. Formerly a senior researcher at IBM China Research Institute, he developed a blockchain service platform to design and implement a super-book based architecture. He is a member of the China Electronics Society Blockchain Branch. He is familiar with key technologies in the fields of cloud computing, blockchain, and network security, now cooperating with the book "Blockchain Technology, Principles and Applications."

Speaker:Dong Tianyi

graduated from Peking University in 2010.

Former Oracle database engineer

Rich experience in big data processing, analytics and e-commerce website architecture

The public Wechat number "IPFS Guide" and the author of the Zhihu column "IPSF Guide"

Now committed to IPFS/Filecoin's technology promotion in China.

Beijing Hanguang Store Business Electronic Technology Director

Speaker:Yan Qing

Yan Qing is currently the vice president of CarBlock (Automotive Blockchain) Engineering. The former software engineer of the German Body Electronics Innovation Division has extensive experience in the automotive industry, especially in automotive data big data analysis, artificial intelligence, in-vehicle voice assistants, car network end-to-end solutions, high-precision maps, High-precision positioning, eHorizo n, in-car payment and blockchain have in-depth research.