Topic Advisor:Yu Honghai

Beijing IntelliCloud CTO

Former Chief Architect of Veritas, responsible for data center construction of large enterprises such as People's Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Everbright Bank, China Development Bank, Hua Xia Bank, Evergrowing Bank, PICC, State Grid Corporation, China Mobile , data field consulting, program design, system quantitative analysis and evaluation.

Topic:Data as a Service——new engine in DT Era

As we all know, data is causing a huge wave of the new era. The data has given the society and enterprises more exchange channels and values, the evolution of the smart and mobile era, and the enhancement of the Internet era has made data rich, ubiquitous and soaring. Almost every activity produces digital traces, which provides more raw materials for the “data processing plant”. The arrival of the 5G era has accelerated the speed of data generation. The data generated by an unmanned vehicle during the driving process will reach 100GB. For such a huge amount of data, the energy contained in it is immeasurable, and how it can be converted into usable. The regeneration data has become the top priority of the future. This presentation will show you how to solve data explosion problems through data technology to support the digital transformation of enterprises.

Audience benefits:

Audience Benefits: Understand the DT era, the goals of the data platform development, the attributes that should be available, the path to implementation, and how to get started

Speaker:Fang Liang

Research Fellow, School of Computer Science, National University of Defense Technology, Doctoral Supervisor, Ph.D. in Computer Systems Architecture

Topic:Big data as a service

In the traditional cloud computing four-tier architecture, enterprises usually come into contact with software as a service (Saas), platform as a service (Paas), and data as a service (Daas) technology, and the popularity of big data services based on cloud computing technology is becoming more and more popular. Today, using "cloud computing + big data technology" to provide enterprises with faster and more valuable data services, it ushered in big data as a service ("BDaaS").

Audience benefits:

This report mainly introduces what is BDaas and what is the difference and connection with the traditional Daas? What is the vitality and value of BDaas?

Speaker:Cao Xinchi

Sangfor vice president of cloud computing business,CTO

Sangfor vice president of cloud computing business,CTO

Director of cloud computing open source industry alliance

Director of Data Center Alliance

Industrial intelligent application innovation to promote alliance director

Expert Committee member of Guangdong and Hong Kong Informatization

Open Group Certified Enterprise Architect

Topic:Minimal Architecture——New Value of Innovation Data

In recent years, with the policy driven by "Internet +", "made in China 2025", "industry 4" and "new smart city", all walks of life have embarked on the road of digital transformation, hoping to accelerate business innovation with IT technology. However, the original weak IT infrastructure is difficult to support the new demand of'data services', which has led many enterprises into a transformation dilemma. So how do innovative enterprises decide and break? This conference, convinced by cloud computing CTO Mr. Cao Xinchi, brings "minimalist architecture, innovative new value of data", brings hyper-integration solutions, and shares new ideas for "data on cloud"

Audience benefits:

Understand how to achieve the digital transformation of enterprises and the landing of cloud strategy through "minimal architecture, innovative new value of data"

Speaker:Yang Qingbo

Tansun Technology Test Solution Manager, Chief Test Specialist

He is Good at test planning, data quality management and testing of large projects. And he has led the new core agile testing platform projects of CITIC Bank, Nanjing Bank, Changsha Bank, Zhengzhou Bank, Luoyang Bank and many other financial institutions.

Topic:Quality assurance of digital transformation

Data mining and applictaion can not do without high quality data. How to improve the data quality, validate and optimize the data application in the process of digital transformation? Mr. Yang Qingbo, the chief test expert of Tansun Technology, brings you the solution of data quality management and data application test.

Audience benefits:

Understand how to manage and improve data quality and data application testing in the DT era and enterprise cloud strategy.

Speaker:Zuo Jian

Colasoft CTO

Engaged in network security and cloud computing related work for nearly 20 years. His leading research on network traffic analysis (NTA) combined with big data analysis, machine learning, intelligent operation and network attack and defense has won the "Network Security Innovation" award and the "Most Investment Value" award from CCIA.

Topic:raffic data——the ignored data

Data, has become the most important assets of enterprises, this point is beyond doubt, data services have become a new growth point of the IT industry. Most of the traditional data analysis and data services focus on file or transaction data, but Colasoft takes a different approach, starting with traffic data, based on 15 years of deep cultivation and accumulation of NTA (Network Traffic Analysis) technology. From the point of view of traffic, this paper puts forward a new angle of view and products in the field of operation, maintenance and security. Based on the products such as Colasoft full flow backtracking, it provides users with more ideas and choices.

Audience benefits:

Understand how to manage data operation and data security in DT era with traffic data.

Speaker:Fan Xiaobing

Director of New Armor Technology Research and Development Center Center

Bachelor of Physics, Peking University

Master of Electrical Engineering, Michigan State University

Master of Electrical Engineering, Michigan State University

He has worked in many top international technology companies such as Texas Instruments, NXP, Trident Micro, ARM, etc. In 2011, he established the ARM Asia Pacific R&D Center as the chief engineer and led the development of ARM's next-generation IoT CPU.

Topic:Distributed data storage and application based on ARM architecture

(1)Unlike mainstream x86-based storage, ARM CPU-based storage enables a more flexible hardware architecture and lower overall power consumption.

(2)Some new technical solutions based on ARM storage, including the NVIDIA GPU+ storage integrated mode applied to video storage.

Audience benefits:

Understand the DT era, new ideas for data storage and applications based on ARM architecture.