Topic Advisor:Song Jiayu

Song Jiayu, with more than 30 years of IT experience, has successively served as editor-in-chief and assistant editor in chief of "China Network World", "China Government Procurement News", "Server Room Committee of China computer Association", "Modern data Center", "ChinaByte", etc. The current editor-in-chief of Dostor.

Topic: The Path and Practice of Enterprise Cloud Technology

Enterprise IT cloudization is an inevitable development trend. Unlike innovative enterprises, large and medium-sized enterprises will face the challenges of transformation and migration. How to rationally utilize the combination of public and private clouds according to the needs of business characteristics, and realize cloud computing infrastructure environment support with flexibility, efficiency and flexibility through hybrid cloud? This forum will share relevant technologies and experiences for you.

Speaker:Xiong Guangtao

Product Marketing Manager, Windows Server & Hybrid Cloud Solutions, Microsoft (China)

For the past 19 years, he has been involved in pre-sales and sales of IT infrastructure and related solutions in HP, Dell, Oracle, Cisco, AWS, and Microsoft. For the past 4 years, he focused on migrating cloud services to large enterprise customers.

Topic: Helping Corporate Customers Achieve Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Introduction to Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Strategy; Azure Stack is an extension of Azure, not virtualization; Azure Stack hardware integration system; Azure Stack cloud service module, ecology and applications.

Audience Benefits:

Learn about the Azure Stack hybrid cloud solution with Microsoft Azure Public Cloud's consistent service, consistent interface and consistent DevOps experience.

Speaker:Geng Hang

Deputy Secretary-General of China Open Source Cloud League (COSCL), co-founder of Ceph China Community, XSKY Market Technology Specialist

He has won the "2018 China Open Source Cloud Super Character Award", "2018 Cloud Computing Open Source Industry Conference - Pioneer Award", "China Open Source Cloud League 2016 Outstanding Individual", and accumulated rich practical experience in cloud computing and big data. Leading and participating in the writing and review of domestic Ceph related books and standards, such as "Ceph Distributed Storage", "Ceph Cookbook (Chinese Version)", "Ceph Distributed Storage Technology and Application White Paper", "Distributed Block Storage System General technical requirements", etc.

Topic: How Open Source Cloud Technology Falls in Traditional Enterprises

Based on the current development trend of open source ecology in China, some reflections on the open source cloud technology in traditional enterprises include open source software selection and transformation of traditional enterprise team personnel.

Audience Benefits:

Understand the current domestic open source development trend and how open source cloud technology falls in traditional enterprises.

Speaker:Qian Yun

Solution Architect,Commvault Greater China

Mainly responsible for data management related solution architecture design, consulting services and integration projects. He has more than 18 years of experience in the IT field, covering areas such as IT infrastructure management and architecture design, and business continuity management. Prior to joining Commvault, Mr. Qian had worked for companies such as HP and IBM for a long time as a technical consultant, architect, and consulting manager.

Topic: Data Protection and Management in the Cloud Era

In the tide of digital transformation, hybrid cloud is the inevitable direction of enterprise IT transformation. The data management experts from Commvault will explain in detail the challenges and solutions of enterprise data management in a hybrid cloud environment, and and share the best customers practice.

Audience Benefits:

Understand the technology trends under the digital transformation, learn from the best practices of digital transformation in the industry, and combine the challenges and measures of data management of enterprises to gain insight into the strategic significance brought by the value of data.

Speaker:Wang Yongcai

9Stor CEO

Topic: Analysis of New Backup Methods and Architecture of Hybrid Cloud Storage

More and more enterprise data on the cloud, how to avoid data loss caused by the failure of a single public cloud? How to build an enterprise hybrid cloud storage backup architecture to ensure data security and high availability? How to establish a data backup system for enterprise self-control?

Speaker:Wang Ning

EasyStack Senior Cloud Architect

He has many years of experience in enterprise information system construction and cloud computing. He was responsible for the future development direction of China Mobile's business support system architecture, conducting corresponding basic research, forming research results, and promoting the Internet and cloudization of China Mobile's IT infrastructure.

Topic: Cloudization Construction Practice of Enterprise Information System

This speech will introduce the necessity of cloud-based construction of enterprise information system under the Internet + major situation. At the same time, it will introduce the practical experience of the construction of a central enterprise cloud platform, focusing on the technical route from a central enterprise cloud platform and how to implement a private cloud. The deployment of the platform, the implementation of the enterprise information application cloud, the construction of the cloud operation and maintenance system needs to focus on which issues, the four aspects share the experience of cloud-based construction of a central enterprise information system. The information cloud platform was built by EasyStack.

Audience Benefits:

Through the sharing of experience in the construction of a central enterprise information cloud platform, the audience can have a new understanding of the key points of the construction of the enterprise private cloud platform and can help in the construction of the future cloud platform:

1. Selection of the construction route of the cloud platform.

2. How to implement the deployment of a private cloud platform.

3. How to implement enterprise information application to the cloud.

4. The issues to focus on building a cloud operation and maintenance system