Topic Advisor:Li Gang

Senior Technical Director, Greater China, VMware

Li Gang has nearly 25 years of experience in the IT field. Prior to joining VMware, he worked in IT multinationals such as Symantec, EMC, and Sun, where he worked on the management of technical teams.

Topic: Software-Defined, Full-Stack Software Empowerment from Core to Edge

As cloud computing moves toward the 2.0 era, it has become the core engine of enterprise IT foundation, and software-defined storage has also been given a new role and become a bridge across the cloud. Any cloud, any device, any application, arbitrary data, software-defined storage, build a platform for data flow in the cloud 2.0 era. We will look forward to the future of software-defined storage in such a large context.

Speaker:Li Daobing

JD Cloud Product R&D Department, Head of Middleware

Li Daobing worked in Jinshan, Grandcloud and QiNiu Cloud, etc. Former Grandcloud senior research fellow, QiNiu Cloud SVP and chief architect. Focusing on service security, architecture robustness (high availability, testability, traceability) and other fields, he has led a number of high-pressure projects and promoted high availability, scalability and low-coupling architecture design. Li Daobing is also a fan of open source projects. He has worked as Debian Developer, Chinese administrator of Wikipedia, and maintainer of iso-codes.

Topic: Prospects for Object Storage on the Cloud

Object storage, one of the most widely used components on the cloud, has not escaped some of the simple functional design of the original S3. However, in recent years, due to the needs of big data computing, no-service computing, etc., object storage has some new roles, and thus has added a lot of functions. This time, I will discuss these topics with you.

Audience Benefits:

Understand the latest developments in object storage

Speaker:Yu Liyang

Object storage R&D engineer of China Mobile Suzhou R&D Center. In 2016, he graduated from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. Since then, he has been engaged in R&D and productization of self-researched objects, research and development and productization of distributed storage software CEPH, and implementation and operation of distributed storage projects.

Topic: Hierarchical Storage Implementation of Ceph Object Storage

Currently, a ceph community object can store only one type of object in a single bucket. The tiered storage can store different types of objects in a single bucket. Different objects use different storage pools. The storage pool uses different copy rules to implement low-frequency types. The object is stored in a high code rate erasure code pool. This section describes the implementation architecture of hierarchical storage, deployment methods, capacity expansion methods, usage methods, and China Mobile's contribution to hierarchical storage.

Audience Benefits:

Understand the implementation of hierarchical storage for ceph object storage.

Speaker:Lv Lei

XSKY Product Marketing Director

Lv Lei ,14 years of storage experience: he had tried the storage PCB board, the shell storage test script and the database, and built 1000 hard disk storage with full performance, has two storage related invention patents, planned the storage product portfolio and roadmap, witnessed the booming growth of traditional storage and the software-defined storage in the Chinese market development. He is currently the marketing director of XSKY products, responsible for the strategic planning and landing of the entire company's products.

Topic: Facing business changes, giving data unlimited possibilities

Under the software-defined business transformation, how to make data realize its maximum value and make data become the driving engine of the business. 

Audience Benefits:

How to give more value to the data under the SDS architecture and realize the added value of the business.

Speaker:Liu Lele

QingCloud Storage senior technical expert

Liu Lele,QingCloud Storage senior technical expert,Responsible for the research and development of the QingStor NeonSAN storage system, with more than 14 years of software development experience. He has worked in Agate Logic for many years and led the development of the first FPGA software development platform in China. Later, he worked on the research of large-scale high-density storage systems. In-depth research on chip principles, software development, distributed technology, and flash memory technology. He was awarded the title of “Haiying Talent” in Beijing Haidian District in 2015.

Topic: Architecture Design and Practice of Enterprise Core Storage Platform in Cloud Times

For large enterprises, cloud is a difficult process in key business. The traditional database migration on the cloud puts higher requirements on the storage platform, how to eliminate technical bottlenecks, and promote the smooth transition of enterprise storage services to the cloud?

Audience Benefits:

The ability assessment of enterprise core storage systems in the cloud era, the architecture design of a new generation of software-defined storage systems, and the sharing of cloud business practices in the core business of financial enterprises.