Topic Advisor:Taile Zhang

Product Vice President, Memblaze

Zhang Taile joined Memblaze in March 2014 and is fully responsible for the design, development and promotion of the PBlaze series of NVMe SSDs. In-depth research and unique insights in NVMe, 3D NAND, and global SSD market development and evolution.

Before joining Memblaze, Zhang Taile served as the chief engineer of the international open source organization linaro, and Intel worked as a senior cloud architect. He graduated from the Institute of Acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences with a Ph.D. in Signal and Information Processing.

Topic: Technical Practice in the Flash Age

Flash is the future of data center storage, from flash and controller chips to SSDs, storage and data center infrastructure, all of which generate a whole host of new technologies and ideas around flash. These technologies continue to influence the development of the storage ecosystem. Ten years ago, the PCIe SSD was still a very small, lacking standardization field. However, after 10 years, NVMe, 3D NAND, all-flash arrays and other technologies have been implemented.

The era of flash memory is an era of contending, and diverse needs are cooperating with diverse storage solutions. We share the most representative and valuable technologies in the selected flash ecosystem, combined with industry practices and case studies in sub-forums.

Speaker:Tan See Ghee

Director, Solutions Architecture, Asia Tan See Ghee is the Director of Solutions Architecture for Micron Technology in Asia Pacific. He leads a team of Solutions Architect; provides technical consultancy, support through technology collaboration and POC to key hyperscale customers in Asia. The primary focus of his team is help customers solve the most complex and performance sensitive workload challenges with the deployment of high performance specialty memory and flash based storage solutions.

Topic: Storage for Intelligent Applications – QLC and AI/ML

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the game changer in data economy era. While the requirements from AI will drive huge memory and storage demand, AI and deep learning require speed reading. QLC, bringing the right-sized , cost effective performance, unveils the technology that enables the workloads of today and tomorrow.

Audience benefits:

Learn more about cognitively reasonable workloads and corresponding storage solutions

Speaker:Yuan Rong

Memblaze Senior Software R&D Director

Yuan Rong has more than 15 years of experience in the field of flash memory, led the firmware architecture and development team to design and develop more than 10 mainstream consumer and enterprise SATA/PCIe SSD. Joined Memblaze in 2015 and was responsible for the PBlaze series of high-performance NVMe SSD firmware design and development work. Before joining Memblaze, he also worked for Toshiba, Micron and Sandforce.

Topic: Host-Controlled Flash Management with NVM Set and Namespace

The latest NVMe protocol (version 1.4) will begin to support the division of the physical space of a single SSD into multiple NVM sets. Each NVM Set can contain one or more Channels and Dies, which is an important means for physical isolation of flash resources. Furthermore, NVM Set combined with functions such as Namespace can effectively improve the performance and stability of applications on multiple hosts sharing NVMe SSDs. This technology has already had some grounded research abroad, and the relevant research status will also be introduced in the speech.

Audience benefits:

First, we can understand the development and evolution of the NVMe standard. In addition, we can focus on the implementation principle and research status of current Flash resource isolation. It is of great significance to how to manage NVMe SSD through host to maximize resource utilization.

Speaker:Liu Pan

Liu Pan, senior technical expert in the storage of Alibaba's infrastructure business group. Mainly engaged in stand-alone storage engine development, SSD performance optimization, hybrid storage and so on. At the same time, it is still a member of the ceph community, participating in code testing and review.

Topic: Alibaba user-side stand-alone storage engine and SSD evolution

Along with the increase in the business volume of the Double 11 Shopping Carnival and the high performance delay, Alibaba's performance on SSD continues to increase. At the same time, as the market for public clouds continues to increase, the cost requirements are becoming more apparent. Alibaba actively responded, Alibaba from the user-mode software stack to independent research and development of ssd, continuously improve SSD performance, and hardware and software integration to reduce costs.

Audience benefits:

Technically, there is a general understanding of the key hardware and software technologies that affect SSD performance.Broaden the horizons of SSD flash applications and prevent them from happening.

Speaker:Zhang Dong

Author of "Big Talk of Computer", "Big Talk of Storage",Microsemi Architect

Topic: PCIE Switch-based server and JBOF design scenario analysis

This section describes the basic application scenarios of the PCIE Switch and the scenario analysis of NVMe JBOF, GPU Server, and pooled server.

Audience benefits:

Get information and design elements from the industry's cutting-edge PCIE Switch technology.

Speaker:Shi Chao

Alibaba Senior Technical Expert

He has worked in the field of distributed storage in Alibaba. He has participated in the research and early stage development of the block storage and object storage systems of Self-developed Alibaba Cloud , and has rich experience in engineering practice. Familiar with the Hadoop open source ecosystem and have contributed code to HDFS and HBase projects.

10 years ago, Alibaba Group began to independently develop distributed storage systems, codenamed "Pangu". Today, Pangu has become the core system supporting Alibaba Cloud and e-commerce business. The rapid development of storage hardware in recent years has created new opportunities and challenges for storage software. This report introduces the application of Pangu storage system in the Alibaba Group, and how new storage technologies bring value to the business。

Topic: The practice of distributed storage technology in Alibaba

Audience benefits:

Know more technical principles and application scenarios of distributed storage systems.