Topic Adviser:Eden Kim

Chairman of SNIA SSSI, Calypso CEO

Eden Kim, CEO of Calypso Systems, Inc., a leading developer and supplier of industry standard test software and products for storage performance test. Mr. Kim is also the Chair of the SNIA SSS TWG which develops and release the PTS specs on performance testing. As Chair of the SNIA SSSI TechDev Committee, Mr. Kim also introduced new and emerging technologies under study by the SNIA SSSI.

Mr. Kim has written numerous white papers, tech notes, articles and specifications on many aspects of solid state storage test and measurement. Eden most recently has been evangelizing the capture, analysis and test of Real World Workloads for datacenter development, optimization and storage qualification. Eden has been presenting topics and tutorials on Real World Workloads in the US, Taiwan, China and Japan at various trade shows and association gatherings.

Topic: Helping Real-World Workload Analysis and Optimizing Storage Design

The capture and use of real-world application workloads is increasingly popular with data centers, storage servers, and storage vendors. Real-world applications generate dynamic multi-stream workloads that significantly impact the design, performance, and optimization of websites and storage. Listen to experts discussing how to analyze and optimize data center activities with real-world workloads, evaluate artificial intelligence and deep learning software, identify and validate server storage, design and develop high-end SSDs and memory storage.